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Istnieją pogłoski, że Pinterest jest dość mocno faworyzowany przez Google. Czy macie na tym polu własne doświadczenia? Poniżej wklejam wypowiedź jednego z użytkowników warriorforum.com

I've gotten so much from this forum. Now it is time to give back.

Peppering your Pinboards with relevant affiliate links and CPA links get massive traffic when Google decides to make your pinboard the number one result in searches for the keywords that you target. This happens more for Pinterest than any other social media website except for maybe YouTube.

What you need
A keyword rich pinboard

Links, keyword rich descriptions and pictures for relevant items to pin

Links, keyword rich descriptions and pictures for relevant affiliate/CPA offers

A way to cloak the affiliate links (URL shortener, redirects, etc...)

Time and patience

You can't blast this up in a day. Trickling it in is the only way that this works. Testing has shown that the 80/20 rule is in effect. That is, at least 80% of the pins must be real and not affiliate links.
My algorithm goes something like this...

Once per day for each pinboard
Post one or two affiliate pins (flip a coin to determine whether it is one or two)

Post 9 to 14 real pins and repins from other people's pinboards. Less than half should be repins (roll a 6 sided die and add 8)

This can be easily automated with various tools. Perhaps the simplest is to have all of your future pins in spreadsheets and all of your pictures and links prepared.

For example, you have a pinboard about robotics projects.
You have an Excel spreadsheet that has a worksheet containing all the links, descriptions and filepaths/URLs of the pictures for real robotics projects.
Then there is another worksheet in the workbook containing all the repins you like for real robotics projects on other people's pinboards.
Then there is another worksheet in the workbook containing all the links, descriptions and filepaths/URLs of the pictures for your related affiliate and CPA links.
Each day you go through and add the appropriate ones to the board for that day.

Full automation can be achieved by using a mySQL database instead of spreadsheets, some code to randomize things and the Pinterest API to post the pins.

There are many ways available to go about doing this.

What about repins and following?
This must happen on its own. If you need to pursue this then your pinboard is not good and you should scrap it and start over. Real repins and followers are a sign that you are doing it right.

Text must be grammatically correct and compelling. PICTURES MUST BE VERY COMPELLING!(especially for your affiliate links) Think "What makes ME click a pin?"

Does it work?
I was skeptical at first. Then when I started making great money, I thought it was a short lived fluke. However, last week I signed a lease and paid in full for a beach house for June-August this summer with money that came completely from this system.
I just did a search for one of my top keywords on Google through a fresh VPN with no cookies set and my pinboards came up on Google as result number 1 and number 2. That's right, 1 AND 2. It's incredible how much Google loves Pinterest. They are two separate pinboards that I made on the same topic and they ARE #1 AND #2 on Google for a two word keyword search! I knew they were doing good because of the amount of affiliate income I made on them so far today.

This is simply a brief description that I can point people to when they ask about this technique. I may flesh it out into a full blown guide later but right now I make far more money spending my time making and maintaining pinboards than I would make from a guide smile.gif

Please, understand that I won't respond to questions for more details because I don't want to hurt the good thing that I have going on right now. I thought carefully about how to present this in a way that gave the genuine details of how this works without threatening my own business model. Many people doing this will probably be upset with what I have divulged thus far.

As long as Google loves Pinterest (and hopefully buys them someday) this technique will work. It has been working magnificently for over a year and continues to improve beyond my wildest expectations.

Enjoy and good luck!

Pełne źrodło - http://www.warriorforum.com/social-media-marketing-forum/910129-killing-pinterest-google-heres-how.html

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nie trac czasu na warrior forum ;)

Właśnie z powodu takich ludzi, jak Twój zagraniczne fora będą miały zawsze znacznie większą jakość :)

A wpływ sociali rzeczywiście jest się w stanie zauważyć, zwłaszcza, jeżeli chodzi o ruch.

Gry komputerowe - najlepsze w sieci! SEO dla początkujących - wejdź! Ocena stron - ocenimy twoją stronę internetową!

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