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Zebroid - multigenerator do tworzenia zaplecza

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Update: version 4.8.0 (Auto Maps)

So we've made new Zebroid update.

You can check another new tool - Auto Maps.

Selection of maps for articles

This tool allows you to search maps, addresses, phone numbers through a Google search using the necessary user requests and insert them in the text of articles.

The need to add the map can be different: improve local seo, website directories, classified ads sites, increasing the "humanity" of doorways, etc. In any of these cases, you can add maps as in fully automatic mode and semi-automatic (controlled by the user).

Just implemented a number of medium and small suggestions from users of the program. Zebroid continues to evolve and improve thereby giving its users a convenient, powerful tool for fast processing and uploading texts.



* New tool "Auto Maps" (search and insert Google maps)

* Web Images: the ability to search for images on request, which consists of the category name and the name of the post (eg.if you have post «X5» in the category «BMW», the program will search for images on request «BMW X5»)

* Joomla 3: support of images for short and the full text of the material

* Division of articles, Auto Caption: new options for searching suitable titles that can help you achieve better results


* Cleaning articles: Support masks of words in black and white lists

* Import Excel: program has learned to work with Excel cell format "Date/Time" for the date of publication

* Export to Kandidat CMS: pages category code more compliant to CMS

* Upload images on FTP: despite the fact whether all images were uploaded successfully or only part of them- it replaces the links in articles for images that was uploaded

* Auto Posting Script in empowernetwork.com: added pause between actions (to avoid a situation where the page has not had time to process the previous step)

* Minor improvements


* Auto Paragraphs has destroyed tables

* Error that sometimes occurs when processing The Best Spinner

* Multiple file selection did not work in file import function of drop macro

* Cleaning articles: black and white lists took into account partial entries

* Translator does not work properly due to changes in delivery service response of Google

* Minor bugs

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Hi, i am sorry but i don't know Polish, so if you wont mind i will answer you at English Yes, Zebroid can create as many categories as you need, and also to manage your blog in wordpress is much easi

W listopadzie było to samo - chciałem kupić update, wersja US nie działała a na RU nie mogłem się zalogować (brak usera) - napisałem na support RU i w ciągu godziny miałem odpowiedź i strona US też ju

Here you are There are instructions for each and every tool

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Update 4.8.2. (Export to HostCMS)

In this update we've added support for HostCMS.

HostCMS — convenient, fast and modern content management system open source, allowing you to create websites of any complexity. It allows you to manage multiple sites from one admin. We will not advertise it, who worked one knows better all the advantages of working with this CMS.

Just want to remind you that the Christmas discounts on Zebroid continues. If you have not purchased the program — it's your chance to save money and get a great tool at a very affordable price.

List of changes


Export to HostCMS


Small improvements


Import module for DLE 10+: errors with encoding

Module for Joomla 3.x: script does not correctly made menu, which caused different types of mistakes

Auto Maps: search for particular address

Uploading images on radikal.ru

XML-RPC posting on Blogger

Small bug fix

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Official release of 5th version of Zebroid.

The main reason why we've made 5th version of Zebroid is to make vital changes in order to improve all existing tools. It is now more faster, stable and easy to use. Though there are some unconvertible settings, but all changes were made for better usage of Zebroid.


* A window with information about proxies: for all tools (except autoposting) that uses proxies shows a window where you can see statistics about the proxy usage

* Added support of anticaptcha services: rucaptcha.com, ripcaptcha.com

* Autopostin Scripts: macro "$POST_AUTHOR", which will be replaced by the post's author

* Filter in the project tree for records with/without notes

* Support for add.fields in "Google Translator» tool

* Support anticaptcha in VKontakte posting


* Replaced the browser engine for Auto Posting on the Chromium. This gave greater stability, speed, capability, as well as adds support for proxy authorization and SOCKS5 proxy

* Each browser tab for auto posting - it is a separate and independent process of Chromium, which in turn means that if during this process unexpected error arise - that will stop only the process and will not touch other ones.

* All scripts for export and upload, as well as the CMS installer were rewritten for Chromium usage, which gave greater speed and stability

* When exporting to DLE, the program ignores add. fields that have a null value

* Web Images: increased speed of parsing flickr, as well as added information on the size of images to flickr

* Loop relink: accelerated algorithm of analysis and relinking

* Changed the internal structure of the program folder. Now clearly assigned user files and files that are included with the program

* All templates settings translated into a XML format (instead of the outdated ini, which was slow, uncomfortable and unstable)

* Settings of transliteration transferred from ini files in xml. Also accelerated algorithm itself

* Settings for automatic Captcha solve (serviceof solving and key) made separately. Now all the tools which may need solving captchas will take these settings

* Standard scripts of Auto posting made ​​in separate window with its own settings and a list of accounts. Each exports window opens by separate button and it can be present on a custom panel

* Auto Posting Tool renamed on "Designer of autoposting" (now a tool for creating custom scripts for autoposting and not execution of standard). Improved usability of tool

* Tested almost all standard scripts of Auto Posting. Scripts that were transcribed for IE browser to use Chromium. In all scripts, where possible, we’ve added the ability to draw links to the posts created by the program

* When exporting to DLE add. fields are automatically converted to lowercase (otherwise they can be ignored by DLE)

* Significantly increased the speed of sorting project tree

* Optimized the algorithm of the ring relinking

* Significantly accelerate a number of tools when working with large text

* Zebroid saves the last 5 logs of posting via XML-RPC, Twitter, VKontakte

* A library for working with XML files replaced by faster and more stable

* Removed Zebrum Lite field. Now, instead they use the standard add. field of the program. This gives more flexibility in manipulating their contents, and the need to refine Zebroid leveled when adding new fields to Zebrum Lite

* Improved algorithm of export : WordPress, Drupal, DLE, MaxSite, Blogger

* Import module for CMS MaxSite improved (increased speed and stability)

* Prevent re-run of the program from one folder (prevents accidental start of the second copy of program that can clear the contents of the temp that need for work with the first instance)

* Improved add. fields : added support for macros in the alignment of value add. fields , added the ability to search and replace values​​/add. fields

* Unified interface of AutoCaption for different tools

* Improved speed and accuracy of proxy checker

* Replaced library for the network for more stable (particularly when dealing with proxy)

* Improved quality of proxy checker

* Function AntiJS in parsing proxy now loads the page via Chromium (greatly increases the chances bypass JS protection of site)

* Significantly improved work with proxy in Web images tool

* Several minor improvements...


*Simultaneously import of multiple XML files doesn’t work correctly

* Minor bugs

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We keep updating Zebroid, keep fixing bugs and making new functions )

List of changes

* Drop-macro: support of export in a custom format
* Ability to interrupt the relinking proces
* Structuring: support for import of complex structures (both different types and levels of nesting)


* Sorting by the number of records includes categories and posts to be located together in the project tree
* The alignment of code: You can now specify a list of tags, in which you can not embed the code (it was only for the tables before)
* Keyword Selection: next to the number of matches in the text of the program also writes the frequency as a percentage
* Search by articles id in the project tree on a separate button for which you can assign a hotkey
* Keyword Selection ignores HTML mnemonics
* Minor improvements


* When using a standard browser of auto posting doesn’t worked the choice of patterns for reproduction
* When you add an index to the alt_name of article, the name of which is already in the project, Zebroid does not considered the setting of a transliteration of the project and always added as a separator — underscore
* Module for InstantCMS
* Minor bugs

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A wiesz, że nie wiem prawdopodobnie dystrybutora. Z tego co wiem produkuje soft jedna firma a sprzedają różne firmy resellery. Bo czytałem kiedyś post właściciela który o rabaty odsyłał do osób sprzedających mówiąc, że oni nie sprzedają. Soft na pewno nie padnie, za dużo osób korzysta i tak jak pisałem wyżej update było miesiąc temu. Może urlop sobie zrobili bo święta tam kończą się 19 stycznia a wtym czasie wygasła domena. Nie mam pojęcia.

 jakiś poradnik po Polsku lub Angielsku


nie spotkałem takiego.



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W listopadzie było to samo - chciałem kupić update, wersja US nie działała a na RU nie mogłem się zalogować (brak usera) - napisałem na support RU i w ciągu godziny miałem odpowiedź i strona US też już była naprawiona.


Wydaje mi się, że to jest jednak strona producenta - za szybko to ogarnęli.




Przecież jest manual i to całkiem spory:


Jak już strona US będzie działała, to wystarczy podmienić .ru na .us w dowolnym poradniku - struktura URL jest identyczna, tylko TLD się zmienia.

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