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  1. Spaniards love a spicy dip! Seize the opportunity presented by a turbulent week in Crypto; we recommend you target Spain with our Crypto Smartlink. Crypto TOP20: Switzerland $59.4Hong Kong $54.9Latvia $48.7Denmark $44.6Estonia $39.2Spain $32.6Croatia $30Poland $25.9Germany $21.9Kazakhstan $20.8Australia $19.3Sweden $18.8Russia $18.5Romania $15.7Brazil $15.1Mexico $14.6India $12.7France $11.9Uzbekistan $11USA $10.5
  2. Hungary is the best ticket worldwide for hot dating conversions! Dating TOP20: Denmark $87.6Switzerland $86.1Australia $83.4Austria $78.8Sweden $74.2Canada $66.5Germany $61.8USA $56.7Hungary $50.5New Zealand $49.9Finland $49.8Czech Republic $45.6Norway $43.1United Kingdom $41.7Belgium $37.6Netherlands $35.4France $33.9Israel $29.2Spain $28.5Russia $26.9
  3. Don’t get left out in the cold. Target Canada this week with our Mainstream Smartlink, for results that will have you enjoying the icy life. Mainstream TOP20: Canada $27.3New Zealand $24.2Switzerland $23.6Germany $21.2Australia $20.9Sweden $20.1USA $19.7United Kingdom $15.8Netherlands $15.7UAE $14.6Czech Republic $13.4Denmark $12.4Spain $11.3France $10.8Austria $10.7Vietnam $10.6Ireland $10.6Ghana $9.9Slovakia $9.5Hong Kong $9.4
  4. Searching for the best strategy to grow your profits with no strings attached? Enjoy all the fun of running a top performing campaign with none of the headache; try our Casual Dating Smartlink! We recommend targeting the USA this week to maximize your enjoyment. Just contact our team to get started! Casual Dating TOP20: Australia $81.4Sweden $70.9Denmark $68.3Norway $67.2Austria $63Germany $56.1Canada $55.9Switzerland $54.8USA $51.2Kazakhstan $47Czech Republic $43.4United Kingdom $42.3New Zealand $39.2Portugal $37.9Belgium $36.4Finland $34.5Ireland $31.2Netherlands $30.8Poland $30.3Spain $28.7
  5. Turn over a new leaf this fall with our Dating Smartlink. Just introduce your US traffic and get ready to multiply your earnings. Dating TOP20: Australia $90.4Austria $84.6Switzerland $80.1Denmark $79.3Sweden $78.8Canada $75.8Norway $73.1Germany $66.3USA $55.2Czech Republic $52.1Portugal $50.8United Kingdom $48.7New Zealand $43.1Finland $40.2Belgium $39.9Spain $39.4Netherlands $39.2Ireland $38.1Poland $37.8South Africa $36.6
  6. Do you have Canadian traffic? For results as big as the great white North itself, we recommend targeting Canada with our Mainstream Smartlink. Mainstream TOP20: Saudi Arabia $117.1Australia $77.5UAE $73New Zealand $66USA $52.9Canada $52.6 Denmark $39Austria $31.8Portugal $31.6Sweden $30.6Switzerland $27.6Slovakia $27.3Spain $24.4United Kingdom $22.9France $19.5Germany $19Italy $15.3Czech Republic $13.6Netherlands $12.6Ireland $10.7
  7. Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021 will take place on October 5-6 and our team will be there. To arrange a meeting, please write to us at: hola@lospollos.com
  8. The best kept secret in the Crypto vertical? It’s Latvia! This week, Latvian traffic is showing a strong performance with our Crypto Smartlink. Try it for yourself! Crypto TOP20: Norway $71Switzerland $65.7Ireland $61.3Latvia $53.4Austria $45.6Germany $36.8Czech Republic $34.2Kazakhstan $30.3Lithuania $29.9Belgium $25.2Australia $23.8Netherlands $21.9Sweden $20.4France $19.8South Africa $19.2Russia $18.7Spain $17.7Hungary $16.5United Kingdom $16.3Italy $16
  9. You may not be able to meet your German lover at Oktoberfest this year, but you can fall in love with our Dating Smartlink instead. Target Germany this week for irresistible results! Dating TOP20: Australia $90.4Switzerland $88.3New Zealand $86.7Finland $84.6Austria $79.3Denmark $76.7Sweden $70.2Germany $69.1Norway $65.7Canada $63.1USA $60.8United Kingdom $57.9Belgium $53Portugal $49.5Ireland $44.8Netherlands $41.1France $40.4Spain $38.2Italy $36.3Czech Republic $35.7
  10. You already know our Mainstream Smartlink is hotter than an apple pie! Burn through your US traffic and turn it into cash with Los Pollos. Talk to your AM today to get started. Mainstream TOP20: New Zealand $31Spain $28.5Denmark $24.3Ireland $23.9Norway $21.6Sweden $21.2Australia $19Czech Republic $15.2United Kingdom $14.3Canada $14.2Germany $14.2Austria $13.4Slovakia $13Saudi Arabia $12.9USA $12.1Netherlands $11.1France $9.9Switzerland $9.6Belgium $9Qatar $8.6
  11. Waiting for sweet returns? Target Belgium with our Crypto Smartlink this week for results richer than chocolate. Crypto TOP20: Austria $69.7Switzerland $61.6Finland $54.7Canada $49.5Australia $48.4Belgium $36.7Germany $31New Zealand $29.7Ireland $28.2Latvia $27.9Portugal $27.6Czech Republic $27.5Sweden $24.5Ukraine $24.4Norway $22.9Denmark $21.8Poland $20.7United Kingdom $20.1Spain $19.3France $18.2
  12. Canada is known for its freezing temperatures, but nothing could be hotter than your Canadian traffic and our Dating Smartlink. This week we recommend you target Canada and send your profits North! Dating TOP20: Australia $112.5Austria $96.8Switzerland $92.1New Zealand $90.1Sweden $87Norway $81.4Denmark $79.6Germany $74.8Canada $70.7USA $68.2Finland $65.1Belgium $61.5United Kingdom $58.9Netherlands $55.7Portugal $54.5France $54.3Spain $51.2Italy $47.5Czech Republic $45.6Ireland $42.7
  13. Hungry for profit? We’re serving up the recipe for satisfying conversions on your Hungarian traffic. Order the Mainstream Smartlink for a 5 star campaign. Mainstream TOP20: Luxembourg $27.1Australia $15.9Switzerland $13.8Canada $13.7New Zealand $13.5Austria $10.4USA $10.3Portugal $10.1Ireland $9United Kingdom $8.7Denmark $8.5South Africa $8.3Germany $8.3Sweden $7.8UAE $7.3Saudi Arabia $7.3Czech Republic $7.2Slovakia $7.1Hungary $6.8Hong Kong $6.6
  14. Have you noticed Crypto is on the rise again? With a 20%+ pump in Bitcoin prices this week, is it any surprise our Crypto Smartlink is serving a top-shelf performance to our partners? For new and existing publishers, we strongly recommend targeting Austria to take urgent advantage of the rising buzz around Crypto. Crypto TOP20: Austria $96.4Switzerland $65.6Australia $58Czech Republic $36.2Canada $33.3Germany $32.1Netherlands $28.9Denmark $27.3Norway $25.3Chile $25Estonia $24.9Lithuania $23.8Belgium $22.5Latvia $21.3Sweden $20.8Moldova $20.4United Kingdom $19.5Poland $18.9Russia $17.7Portugal $16.5
  15. You Cannes count on great conversions when you target France with our Dating Smartlink today! Unlike the festival, you don't have to wait for your invite to the party. Contact our team right away to get on the list! Dating TOP20: Australia $ 82.5Austria $75.6New Zealand $70.8Switzerland $65.2Norway $63.7Denmark $60.2Sweden $59.6Germany $56.8France $52.5USA $51Belgium $48.6Canada $45.8United Kingdom $41.5Finland $38.2Netherlands $37.6Portugal $36.9Spain $35.8Italy $35.1Czech Republic $32.3Israel $29.8
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