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Webvõrk — Look at the CPA in a new way

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We are Webvõrk — an affiliate network with our exclusive health and beauty offers. As a direct advertiser, Webvõrk offers the highest payouts on the market. We have dedicated call centres with amazing staff in each country where we sell our products to keep approve rates incredibly high. We are always looking for an individual and flexible approach to our partner — you.

All of the above means that our affiliates get the maximum ROI on their traffic.

Go on and test it yourself!  https://bit.ly/3oZ42Mf



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Engaging the right audience is a tough yet crucial task. It’s imperative that your product interests someone, and finding the “someone” makes up the best part of testing in affiliate marketing.

Webvork is here to help you! We took target audience data for every offer from the program’s lifetime valid leads report 😎, and now we are ready to provide you with our insights!

Grab target audience data and stats for Parazax Complex. This product removes toxins and waste from the organism, and our insights will make your workflow and thus healthier, too!😉

Stats: https://clck.ru/Qsc6a (https://clck.ru/Qsc6a)

#Webvork #targetaudience #affiliatemarketing


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Hi everyone!
Today’s top offers have got two of this year’s new offers and our all time favorite — Prostatricum that’s been showing great results in Poland, its new GEO 🤗

Cystinorm, an anti-cystitis remedy has earned a 42% approval rate and the first place on our list. Cardiobalance has taken the second spot with a 41% approval rate. 
The same approval rate was also the result of the week for Prostatricum. 

Follow our list of top offers and earn that coin!😉


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📢 New GEO — new possibilities!

This truly is a Webvork’s motto and this is why we regularly open new GEOs for the offers that show great performance in other countries.

This time, Keton Aktiv is going to Czech Republic and it has all the chances to like it over there😉


Offer link: https://bit.ly/2TtJ47K

Keton Aktiv is a dietary supplement that promotes weight loss and its name is a reference to everyone’s favorite keto diet that allows people to eat everything they love so much 😃

#Webvork #CPA #offers #affiliatemarketing


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🧐 Did you know that autumn is the time when fungal diseases are relapsed as much as a typical flue?
Increased humidity is perfect for various types of malicious bacteria, including those that provoke bad feet odor and itchiness😰

Our Onixan offer will help fight this problem, and with new GEOs provided:

Czech Republic

Payout rates — from €28 under CPA 

Offer link: https://bit.ly/2Oo7zAf

Multiple pre-landing pages with high conversions are all ready to bring you a lot of traffic! 🔥

#Webvork #nutra #affiliatemarketing


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