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  1. Try to solve the captcha through the sitekey, and not in the browser tab. The main disadvantage of a VPS is that you share power with other users. Rare jumps up to 100% are not critical.
  2. Improved creation of new actions in a project. Previously, you had to create an action before drawing an arrow to it. From now on, those two moves are integrated in one! Design projects more efficiently, making even fewer moves. What's New in Added: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: + Added an opportunity to create new actions, when drawing a line in the free space on a diagram. + The field size for query parameters in the database action was enlarged. Fixed: All changes of 5.37.0
  3. Selling templates with plugins Today is a big day to all template sellers: we proudly introduce the function that allows selling templates with plugins in the personal account. If you create templates with an intention to sell them later or by an order, you must have numerous frequently-used actions that are often separate projects. Previously, you had to add them to the main template as a project in project , thereby increasing the distribution cost of the entire set. Now you can save all those templates as plugins. A project with the unlimited number of plugins will co
  4. Improved ProjectMaker and ZennoPoster integration. If case of a template mistake, you can quickly and effortlessly find a hotspot. Just RMB-click the log, then Show incorrent action in PM, and you will see ProjectMaker with the highlighted action that caused a mistake. New theme: Classic2 Added the second classic theme - Classic2. The key difference is the high saturation of action colors that ZennoPoster 5 users love. Here’s how you can find the new theme: Edit → Settings → Appearance What’s new in Added: Al
  5. What’s New in Added: + Base starting timeout has been added in order to prevent CPU overloading on weak computers (see Program settings → Instance → Base starting timeout). + The option to enable certificate checking has been added to Chrome browser (should be run with argunent --ignore-certificate-errors=false). + Cursor operation in FullEmulationMouseMove has been enhanced. + Proxy info used in http request is now shown in Traffic Monitor. + BrowserProfile field can be taken via C# code using project.Profile.BrowserProfile method. + Method ZennoPoster.SetMaxT
  6. Meet Chrome Engine ver. 76 New ZennoPoster version features the fresh 76th version of the Chrome browser engine. It supports most modern standards exploited by various websites. Work with more websites Improve the quality of browser profiles by introducing Chrome to your projects New HTTP Request Transfer Method By default, ZennoPoster uses Chillkat library to handle HTTP requests. As of now, it has a new alternative option, ZennoHttpClient, which helps resolve issues related to some websites. Choose the most preferable option on the progra
  7. Searching Elements by xPath in Action Designer Take any actions (SET, GET, RISE) with elements with the cutting-edge XML/HTML-handling language xPath! Syntax structures offered by xPath will enable you to implement a data processing algorithm that will be more versatile and tolerant to website layout changes than regular expressions. Select a preferable search mode in Action Designer. After that, ZennoPoster will automatically generate several appropriate expressions. If you need any adjustments to be made, you can edit the request at any stage. Act
  8. Full mouse emulation Enables mouse emulation on the project level. This means that, during executing actions Set and Rise, mouse emulation—from the current cursor to an HTML element specified in the action — will be automatically activated. Add mouse emulation to your template in one click! That's all you need. You can enable full mouse emulation in project settings, provided that input emulation is set for the maximum quality. Demo Download the template used in the example. ProjectMaker menu customizat
  9. New ProjectMaker Themes You participate in our beta testing and help ZennoPoser 7 keep growing! We appreciate your detailed reviews and suggestions and focus on improving the existing functions and introducing new features. So far, we have already received a ton of feedback on improving the project editor. In this very release, we have tried to consider all of it to make the user experience even cozier. We proudly present 8 new ProjectMaker themes — 4 light and 4 dark — designed to transform the project editing process into something handy, exciting, and time-efficient. Beside
  10. Enhanced program performance and stability Much work has been done in order to enhance your user experience when creating and executing projects. Program stability and speed have been improved. That should allow you to run more threads and not to worry about failed results. All fixes are listed in change log. Updated Chrome engine ZennoPoster now works with Chrome 72 version engine. Automate your work on websites using the latest Chrome version. AwmProxy service integration We integrated popular proxy-service AwmProxy which pro
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