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  1. Searching Elements by xPath in Action Designer Take any actions (SET, GET, RISE) with elements with the cutting-edge XML/HTML-handling language xPath! Syntax structures offered by xPath will enable you to implement a data processing algorithm that will be more versatile and tolerant to website layout changes than regular expressions. Select a preferable search mode in Action Designer. After that, ZennoPoster will automatically generate several appropriate expressions. If you need any adjustments to be made, you can edit the request at any stage. Action Properties Window Layout Settings Manage the Action Properties window grid by making it fixed or flexible (content fits to the window width). By default, the width is set to ensure the best possible viewing experience. But you can change it at any time. Go to Edit → Settings → Editor. Action History Available in Version 5, Action History is now back and located in Edit → History. Change Note Font Size and Color Now you can change colors of action groups and notes. To do so, RMB-click on a note and pick a preferable color from the color box. Also, you can adjust the font size for better readability. What’s New in Added: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: + XPath-powered search in Action Designer in SET, GET, and RISE. + Improved emulation of special symbol typing in Chrome. + In the default browser profile, Chrome now has optimal settings for Windows emulation. + Tooltips for BotUI. + New option "Respect the group order during classic element search". You can find it here: Edit → Settings → Execution. + Change note colors in the project. + New option "Fit properties to the window width". + Project step-by-step debugging now looks better thanks to improved visual response to Next button clicking. + Enlarged URL bars in several actions. + Longer names of opened projects in headers. + Pin Project option is now hidden in Editor's context menu. + Improved tool window headers. + In Using Directives and Common Code, Common Code now goes firts. Fixed: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: • Operation of referer in some websites (Chrome). • Occasional logouts during working with ZennoPoster were fixed. • Using proxy by the instance when launching the instance from a off-browser project was improved. • Copying of related lists/tables when copying list/table actions to another projects was fixed. • File selection button was added in Common Code. • Group size errors when pasting/removing actions were fixed. • Menu button display error that led to incorrect placement of checks was fixed. • ProjectMaker freezing when adding a comment to an action was fixed. • A bug was fixed that led to occasional project sheet scrolling underneath opened action properties. • A bug was fixed that led to a failure to transfer variables of actions when copying actions to another project. • Variables icon in Modern1 and Modern2 was fixed. • Occasional non-display of action properties was fixed. Read more about other changes: Overview
  2. Full mouse emulation Enables mouse emulation on the project level. This means that, during executing actions Set and Rise, mouse emulation—from the current cursor to an HTML element specified in the action — will be automatically activated. Add mouse emulation to your template in one click! That's all you need. You can enable full mouse emulation in project settings, provided that input emulation is set for the maximum quality. Demo Download the template used in the example. ProjectMaker menu customization Personalize your ProjectMaker menu! You can add, remove any upper-bar menu items or change the way they are arranged. To create your custom menu, go to Window → Menu Appearance → Configure Menu. Or, RMB-click on the menu bar and select the appropriate item. Improved project interaction in ProjectMaker Navigating across a template is an integral part of project design. To make your experience even cozier and smoother, we have enhanced a series of functions. What we actually improved: Display of project names in tabs was refined. Mouse-wheel zooming is now faster. When you zoom, you will see an indicator of the current zoom in the bottom-right corner. By clicking on it, you will reset the default zoom (100%). Navigate through the project when moving an action to the sheet edge. New hot keys: Ctrl + Plus to zoom in; Ctrl + Minus to zoom out; Ctrl + 0 to reset zoom (100%); LMB + Space to scroll the project; Now you can scroll with the MMB with Ctrl held Ctrl What’s New in Added: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: + Full mouse emulation on the project level which is automatically activated for actions SET and/or RISE. + Customize ProjectMaker upper menu. To personalize, go to Window → Menu Appearance → Configure Menue, or RMB-click on the menu bar. + Mouse-wheel zooming is now faster. + Scroll the project with the MMB with Space held. + Hotkey for zooming in Ctrl + Plus + Hotkey for zooming out Ctrl + Minus + Hotkey for zoom reset to initial view Ctrl + 0 + When you zoom, you will see an indicator of the current zoom in the bottom-right corner. By clicking on it, you will reset the default zoom (100%). + Navigate through the project when moving an action to the sheet edge. + Scroll the project with the MMB with Ctrl held. + Display of project names in tabs was refined. + Compact menu icons are now larger and they look finer. Fixed: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: • Action Designer font was enhanced • Project scrolling was improved. Read more about other changes: Overview
  3. New ProjectMaker Themes You participate in our beta testing and help ZennoPoser 7 keep growing! We appreciate your detailed reviews and suggestions and focus on improving the existing functions and introducing new features. So far, we have already received a ton of feedback on improving the project editor. In this very release, we have tried to consider all of it to make the user experience even cozier. We proudly present 8 new ProjectMaker themes — 4 light and 4 dark — designed to transform the project editing process into something handy, exciting, and time-efficient. Beside extra features, now you can enjoy 14 appearance patterns. Tailor your ProjectMaker to your specific taste! Modern1 и Modern2 Main theme is now called Modern. By the way, we have overhauled it to a high standard: Icons are now larger, clearer, and diversified.Every icon has its own color (Modern2).New action background color added. What differs Modern1 from Modern2 is that the former doesn’t have a multitude of action background icon colors. Letter Should you feel uncomfortable with visual markers, enable brand-new Letter theme! It replaces conventional icons with a Latin index. This way, you will see M for Mouse Emulation, C for Cookies, etc. Also, this theme supports an extra action background. Classic ZennoPoster 5’s design had been a 7-years-long pattern and set a classic standard. Eye-catching block-highlight icons are now back, freshly-faced and revised! Selecting Action Group Color To ensure better navigation across a large project, we have made it possible to configure action group colors. This function lets you mark groups logically—by color. Example: Settings unit is gray, login box is orange, signup block is red, etc. With that, adaptive coloring still works and gives a group the color of prevailing actions. Infatica.io Integration We have integrated Infatica.io, a superior-quality proxy service that grants access to resident, server, and mobile proxies at space speeds. Those proxies are perfect for parsing, mailouts, large-scale signups, and other tasks you can perform with ZennoPoster. To enable the service and test-drive a free 3-day proxy, go to Settings → Proxy → Get Account. After specifying your credentials you will see a proxy list in the built-in proxy checker. Saving Program Results In «Run Program» you now can save program results to variables. STDOUT - Displays results.STRERR - Displays errors. What’s New in Added: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: + Enjoy different project editor themes + Create action backgrounds + Contemporary-looking theme enhanced and renamed into Modern1 + New Modern2 theme that brings lots of icons + New Letters theme + New Classic theme (a tribute to ZennoPoster 5) + Change group backgrounds in the context menu (Modern1, Modern2, Letter) + Overlap the loading window with other windows Fixed: All changes of included. Meet new fixes: • Fixed: users had to click twice to edit action properties • Fixed: panels wouldn’t reset after clicking Reset Panels • Enhanced: Email Editor’s dark-theme appearance • Enhanced: Code Editor’s dark-theme appearance • Enhanced: Regular Expressions Designer’s dark-theme appearance • Enhanced: JS Tester’s dark-theme appearance • Fixed: the variables window disappeared from the tab • Fixed: Receive Emails settings appearance Read more about other changes: Overview
  4. Enhanced program performance and stability Much work has been done in order to enhance your user experience when creating and executing projects. Program stability and speed have been improved. That should allow you to run more threads and not to worry about failed results. All fixes are listed in change log. Updated Chrome engine ZennoPoster now works with Chrome 72 version engine. Automate your work on websites using the latest Chrome version. AwmProxy service integration We integrated popular proxy-service AwmProxy which provides fast and reliable proxies. It is possible to connect service to the program and get proxies for free test in program settings → Proxy-services tab. Full list of changes in Added: + Chrome Edition now works with new Chrome 72 engine. + Optimizations for loading additional C# assemblies into ProjectMaker editor. + AWM Proxy integration into Proxy-services. + Option to save log filters in ZennoPoster. + New variables now can be loaded to a project from saved profile. + Max threads default value is now increased for new installations of ZennoPoster Pro. + Subscription date for purchased projects is now displayed in ZennoPoster and ZennoBox. + Threads performance has been optimized in ZennoPoster. + ProxyChecker: DNSBL support and checking in black lists. + Optimized file processing in HTTP-requests. + Improved project diagram. + Other enhancements and modifications. Fixed: • Wrong ReCaptcha2 detecting on a webpage has been fixed. • BotUI processing and stability has been improved. • Boundary has been corrected for HTTP-request action blocks and old C# HTTP-request methods. • Accept-Encoding: br is now automatically removed from HTTP-requests. • Issues in CookieContainer and Traffic monitor operation have been solved. • Bugs opening projects created in ZP Chrome Edition in official ZennoPoster version has been fixed. • Issue with disappearing references from GAC when connecting assemblies to a project has been solved. • Bug sending files using ZennoPoster.HTTP.Request method has been fixed. • Problem loading WebRTC mode from profile has been solved. • Bug working with webcams has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Errors emulating plugins have been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Making screenshots and search by picture have been corrected. • Chrome Edition: Issues working with frames have been solved. • Chrome Edition: Clicks emulation on few websites has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Keyboard emulation has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Instance window size has been corrected in ZennoPoster. • Chrome Edition: Few interface fixes. • Chrome Edition: Issues working with Flash have been solved. • Chrome Edition: Headers emulation bug has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Authorization and playing content in AppleMusic have been corrected. • Other fixes. Read more about other changes: Overview
  5. Boost of HTTP-requests operation in tens! HTTP-requests operation have been optimized due to reuse of connections, encryption sessions, etc., when it's possible. This allowed to reduce CPU usage significantly and ensure work stability. (The option "Use HTTP Connection Pool" is enabled by default) Anonymity enhancements for browser profiles • Quality of Canvas and WebGL emulation has been improved. • List of user agent strings has been corrected. • Cookie and Proxy processing has been optimized. • Anonymity has been improved in Project Maker by means of the option for disabling layout with invisible elements. Full list of changes in Added: + Optimized HTTP-requests operation due to reuse of connections, encryption sessions, etc., when it's possible. This allowed to reduce CPU usage significantly and ensure work stability. (The option "Use HTTP Connection Pool" is enabled by default. If you face problems working in new work mode, then disable this option to rollback to usual operation mode). + Classic KeyCaptcha type (with rectangles) now can be recognized: ZennoPoster.CaptchaSpecialRecognition("KeyCaptchaRects", instance, false); + "This is captcha" action block now allows to load and recognize captcha from file. + Quality of Canvas and WebGL emulation has been improved. + Anonymity has been improved in Project Maker by means of the option for disabling layout with invisible elements (for example "Inspect elements" frame). + Operation "Get column" in tables has been added allowing to export certain column from table to list. + New method in C# API tab.GoBack() has been added allowing to perform BrowserBack operation in a project. + New method in C# API project.GetProxy() has been added. + New optional parameter storeCookie has been added to instance.ClearCache C# API method. By default it has "true" value, if "false", then this method will also clear cookies. So, now you can execute one command instance.ClearCache(false) instead of two: instance.ClearCache(); instance.ClearCookie(). Less code - more fast and reliable work. + Action "Clear cookie" now fails if cookies have not been fully cleaned by some reasons. + Interface enhancements. Fixed: • Chrome Edition: Issue passing referrer has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Bug inserting numbers into input fields has been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Problem with restoring cookies in profile has been solved. • Chrome Edition: Issue searching HTML-elements by attributes containing numbers has been solved. • Chrome Edition: Icons for actions created by Action Designer have been returned. • Chrome Edition: Errors searching elements have been fixed. • Chrome Edition: Operation of \n symbol has been corrected. • Problem installing proxy in nested project in ZP has been solved. • Issue opening context menu in PM browser has been solved. • Few Interface fixes have been made. • Problems running FireFox browser on few systems have been solved. • Several bugs in Parse-helper have been fixed. • Errors loading cookies with #HttpOnly_ have been fixed. • Bug moving non-existing directory has been fixed. • Operation of Cookie Container when cleaning cookies in browser has been corrected. • HTTP GET/POST-requests action blocks are now executed with error when wrong proxy address is specified. • GET-requests with parameters?v=&s=1 are now executed properly. • Operation of macros {-Profile.HTTPAccept-}, {-Profile.AcceptLanguage-}, {-Profile.AcceptEncoding-} in GET/POST-requests have been corrected. • Action Designer has been optimized for working properly on large web-pages. • Other fixes. Read more about other changes: Overview
  6. If you have any questions, please contact out support team at the addresses provided on the website. http://zennolab.com/en/contacts/
  7. Saving variables to profile While working on a bot, you often need to save some data related to profile, such as: tags, ID's, timestamps, etc. For your convenience, we have added the feature to save any user data to profile, so that you don't have to create unnecessary files to store this information. Full list of changes Added: + New feature for saving variables with data to profile. + Default settings for adding proxy source in built-in proxychecker. + Saving variables to profile using C#. Fixed: • Bug removing variables used in plugin when cleaning unused variables has been fixed. • Issue with empty execution log in Task Manager has beensolved. • Program settings restoring and saving has been recovered. • Bug not opening settings in Task Manager has been fixed. • Issues with default exit in Switch block have been solved. Read more about other changes Overview Read more about other changes Overview
  8. When creating a new project, it is important not only to make it effective, but also secure. That is why we have focused on improving privacy and confidentiality of our customers. Improved project encryption We've added new feature called «Publication», which can be run by CTRL+ALT+P hotkey. This feature allows to combine all depended assemblies, encrypt them and pack to new project. Bot sellers won't need to copy and transfer each assembly file to client giving complicated instructions on how to implement them. So, now you can prepare your project within one click without writing long manuals for it. This new option even has more benefits. It allows to start and execute project with your own code faster than earlier. You can now sleep twice well, because your bots are double-protected! Note that this is just the first step in that direction, more coming soon. :-) If you face problems using new feature, don't waste you time, feel free to contact our support team. Improved users privacy Your e-mail address is not shown anymore in environment variable Environment.CurrentUser as well as in registry. Moreover, starting from this release, user identification is performed only by ID. You can still encrypt your projects by e-mail or ID, which you can get from "Profile" section in user panel. And there are also more very important and interesting changes in new version: Full changes list: Added: + New feature for publicating project [Beta] + Improved user privacy. Now the software does not keep customer's e-mail in registry, writing user ID instead. This allows to avoid stealing user data. + Autoupdate of project version [Beta] + Emulation of all possible WebGL parameters. + Browser notifications processing. You can now handle site notifications, allow or block them. Notification message can be read using macros Page.LastNotificationTitle and Page.LastNotificationText + ReCaptcha2 can now be recognized via sitekey directly on CapMonster without emulating services. + BotUI: The option to set proxy for project and selecting proxy rules. + BotUI: The option to move elements by grid using Arrows holding Ctrl modifier. + BotUI: Font selection in label element. + The option to capture screen of visible page part from action has been added. + Optimized threads running in zennoposter. Now tasks are running faster when large number of projects added to ZennoPoster. + Improved logging with displaying project name which error occured in. This is very convenient when you use a lot of nested projects. + Extended SetValue method with new optional parameter for writing additional text to existing content. + Extended GetTraffic for getting request and response body. Traffic analyzing is more effective now. + New sms-service sms-acktiwator.ru. + Extended EvaluateScript method, for websites with broken eval method. If you call an alternative method for executing the script, it will attempt to execute code without eval method. Fixed: • Bugs with connection by SFTP have been fixed. • Possible data leak through Firefox Resources Reader has been fixed. • C# code editing while executing project has been corrected. • Bug cleaning history in Firefox 52 has been fixed. • Issue setting sertificated in Firefox 52 has been solved. • Bug catching OpenFileDialog for flash uploads has been fixed. • ZennoPoster.IpTools.GetTimezone method has been corrected, • Problem saving changed WebGL data to Profile has been solved. • Issues with keyboard emulation when using Google search and pressing dot. • Bug manually closing instance window on Windows 7 has been fixed. • PM crashing bugs on Windows 7 with certain Net.Framework version have been fixed. • Bug not creating new variable in InputSettings has been fixed. • Bug hoovering coursor on list blocks in PM has been fixed. • Issues opening Code Creator on certain computers have been solved. • BotUI: Multiselect has been corrected. • BotUI: Eelement selection and editing have been fixed. • BotUI: Saving values in input settings field has been fixed. • BotUI: Tab switching has been corrected. . • BotUI: Html code garbage has been removed. . • BotUI: Problems with pointer-events: none have been solved. • BotUI: Code alignment is now possible. • BotUI: Adding <script> to onclick button is possible only with onclick handler. • BotUI: ElementId attribute for checkBox has been corrected. • BotUI: Notification at manual code editing that edited element should have ID from numbers has been added. • BotUI: Numeration of object ID's when working with several opened projects has been corrected. . • BotUI: Issues with animation when using animate.css have been solved. • BotUI: Problem switching tabs with symbols ":" or "." in title has been solved. • Corrected documentation. • Minor UI optimizations. Read more about other changes: Overview
  9. If the problem is not solved yet, write to the support: support.zennolab.com Added: + Intelligence system that automatically identifies incorrectly recognized captchas and uses them for captcha module self-training has been implemented. This allows to increase recognition success rate for already existing captcha modules. + ReCaptcha Sitekey interception from DeathByCaptcha implemented. + ReCaptcha Sitekey interception from ImageTyperz implemented. + Extended logging system, which allows quickly identify possible problems when recognizing captchas. . + Reduced network workload. + Few UI improvements. Bug fixes: • Bug CapMonster service stucks accidentally has been fixed. • Issue when hard drive is becoming full with RCInstance profiles has been solved. Read more about other changes: Overview
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