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  1. What’s up, fellas? With the current market downtrend many traders panic and decide not to invest in crypto at all. Some are just holding and hoping that it will eventually gain all the value it’s lost and rise up even higher. We just want to remind you that you can actually trade crypto and benefit from it even when the market is down. All you need is right strategy and cool head. Well, some help from the best automated cryptocurrency trading bot wouldn’t hurt either. We offers you 4 different strategies for different market tendencies. We are realists and understand how important flexibility is, especially in such a volatile environment as crypto market is. The CAREFUL strategy is perfect for a bearish market. As we have already written, most traders lose money BECAUSE OF THE EMOTIONS! Our trading robots operate using stats, informed opinions and logic. No emotions. No losses. Don’t let your fear ruin your trading Trade smart.
  2. The European Parliament (EP) adopted a resolution “Blockchain: a forward-looking trade policy,” on Thursday, in order to improve EU trade policies. Resolutions highlights that using blockchain lets traders upload all their documents in one place (including those related to compliance, to benefit from the preferential tariffs). The technology could also help authorities to automatically get information from these parties and improve verification and trade processes thus improving the quality and speed of their services. The resolution marks the latest positive step toward blockchain adoption in the EU region. Earlier this month, six southern European states – France, Italy, Spain, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal – signed a joint declaration to promote the use of blockchain in order to transform their economies. How do you think this will influence the crypto world?
  3. Cryptocurrency banking provider Bitwala will offer bank accounts with Bitcoin Wallet and Debit Card, as was announced on Wednesday, Dec 12. “New users along with the 40,000 pre-registered customers will be onboarded one after the other based on their waitlist place,” the announcement said. Roman Kessler, a spokesperson for Bitwala, said: “For now, only German residents can go through the KYC [know-your-customer] process. Very soon, hopefully already in January, this will be extended to other jurisdictions inside of the EU. Only bitcoin [is supported] at the moment. You can access them through a multi-sig wallet to which only you have the private key. Other cryptocurrencies to follow shortly”. He also emphasized that “The online bank account and the [debit] card are free,” but trading between BTC and EUR costs 1 percent. “According to our market research that is 5 percentage points below market average”. What do you think of Bitwala’s new service? Let us know in the comments section below.
  4. Good morning! While the market shows some concerning signs, Eddie Hughes, a member of the U.K. Parliament for the Walsall North constituency, recently stated that making payments to local authorities and utility providers with Bitcoin (BTC) should be possible. His statements were reported by local news outlet Express.co.uk on Dec. 10. This comes as a consequence of the fact that the state of Ohio in the US announced that businesses will be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin. Hughes commented on this by saying: “You’re either ahead of the curve or you’re behind the curve, and our country is in an interesting position right now — we need to be seen as a progressive country.” This is definitely a positive sign from regulators for crypto in general, don’t you think?
  5. What’s up, fellas? How is your winter going? We understand that today’s reality isn’t as bright for crypto traders as it used to be so we want to make your life a little better by giving you a free month of Silver Tariff plan! The offer is valid ALL DECEMBER! All you have to do is to buy a month of Silver subscription plan and the second month will be added automatically to your account! We have a lot of loyal clients and we feel for them. We know that those recent events on the crypto market have been rather rough on many of you, guys, so we want to cheer you up because we do care. A month of free trading is our present to you. Happy trading! Trodax Team.
  6. Hello, guys. Here are some news: Morgan Creek Digital (crypto-focused institutional asset manager) issued a $1 million bet against the S&P 500 stock market index. The crypto fund bets that a basket of ten major crypto assets will outperform the SPX over the next 10 years, starting Jan. 1, 2019. The S&P 500 is based on market capitalizations of 500 large companies that have common stock listed on major stock exchanges. The challenge from Morgan Creek Digital, dubbed “Buffett Bet 2.0,” evidently echoes a similar bet made by Wall Street’s prominent crypto critic Warren Buffett, who in 2008 bet $1 million that the S&P 500 would outperform a group of hedge funds over a ten year period. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital, stated: "A lot of people might look at this and just think we're bullish on crypto — but you need to look at what asset we're going up against. Public equities aren't exactly at their all time highs either." He also made an observation about the performance of traditional stocks in a tweet last month, stating that FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) went down 20-40 percent from their all-time highs, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOW) had its “worst Thanksgiving week since 2011.” What do you guys think? Who will win the bet?
  7. Hello, guys. Here’s «great» news from China where government is quite remarkable in many regards. Recently Beijing declared security token offerings (STOs) illegal. Unlike ICO where a company raises funds by selling tokens to the public, an STO gives holders the ability to share the profits of a company through dividends. “The ICO (initial coin offering) model is getting left behind for a new concept called STO. I want to issue a warning to anyone considering running an STO in Beijing,” Huo Xuewen, chief of Beijing’s Municipal Bureau of Finance said. “Don’t do it in Beijing – it is illegal. You can only engage in such activities with the approval from the government.” Now that the ICO mania is gradually dying out, blockchain startups are seeking new ways to secure funding; and it seems the STO is cropping up as the solution. The move towards STOs does grant more rights to holders, but it is concerning that a year after raising billions of dollars in ICOs, companies are now seeking even more funding. Indeed, mainstream crowdfunding platforms like Indiegogo are also getting in on the STO action (though their offerings might not always be open to everyone). Hopefully, it goes better than their botched foray into ICOs. What do you guys think about this move from Beijing – what signal does it send the crypto world?
  8. Hi guys. Bitcoin community on Reddit now has over 1m subscribers! Tuur Demeester, the founder of Adamant Capital, wrote on his twitter: «Wow, Reddit's Bitcoin community is now over 1 million. I remember when it was < 6,000... Many thanks to the hard work of @BashCo_ & the other volunteer moderators!» People’s interest towards BTC is not going anywhere in spite of its high volatility and market downtrend. Well, as Ned Stark always warned us, the winter was coming – both in crypto market and in the real world. Let’s get cozy and make the most of this winter! Trade smart.
  9. Hi guys! The market’s been acting like a drama queen lately, don´t you think? We would like to cheer you up and make a special offer. If you buy a Silver or a Gold subscription plan – you’ll get an additional month of this tariff FOR FREE! This offer is valid ALL DECEMBER! [url=https://trodax.com/?utm_source=forum.optymalizacja][/url] To get your free month – just buy a month of Silver or Gold subscription plan and send us an email to hello@trodax.com with your credentials and we’ll grant you an additional month of this plan! Trade smart. Trade with Trodax!
  10. China’s Center for Information and Industry Development released its 7th crypto project ranking last week where the 33 crypto projects were evaluated. This month, the center upgraded BTC from the 19th place in the previous month to the 13th place. The projects were ranked based on their basic technology, applicability, creativity and as a whole. BTC wins the creativity category, EOS is first in the basic technology category and Ethereum is the first in the applicability category. The rankings are organized and implemented by the CCID Blockchain Research Institute and a number of organizations such as the CCID Think Tank and China Software Testing Center. The evaluation model is based on three key principles 1. The indicators should be adapted to all evaluated objects, not just some. 2. The proposed indicators should be related to technological innovation in public chains. 3. The measurement or evaluation of the indicators can be implemented. And today’s BTC price leaves an optimistic vibe to the crypto market in general, it’s going up again! What are your prospects for it? Share your opinion, leave a comment below! Best regards, Trodax Team.
  11. Hello, guys. Speaking about the BTC Cash split, there are some details we would like to add. Since the BTC Cash hard fork there’s been a lot of discussion concerning the hash war but happily, the blockchain company Coingeek has announced that the BSV developers will apply replay protection to the BSV chain thus bringing the hash war to an end. Bitcoin cash holders have been watching the hash war take place between a bunch of mining pools from around the world and some individuals still claim that the war is not over, even though lots of major exchanges have decided to list the ABC chain as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as it’s the chain that has accumulated the most proof of work. Now, Calvin Ayre stated that BSV developers are now in a way better position than the alternative thanks to replay protection that will allow people to send transactions on the BCH or BSV chains without worrying about transaction replays. In an editorial published on Monday, Coingeek explained that it has consulted with the BSV development team about the reinforcement of blockchain stability measures. “One aspect of stability is replay protection. Since ABC has not made this stability a priority, Bitcoin SV will do so in order to restore confidence to users and businesses on both chains,” Steve Shadders, technical director of the Bitcoin SV project, detailed. “This change will require the Bitcoin SV team to work with the Bitcoin ecosystem, and the timeline will be announced when there is adequate ecosystem readiness.” What do you think, guys? Does this affect negatively the BTC price (which is now at $3,650, as low as it hasn’t been in ages)?
  12. Hello, guys. With the BTC price going down so rapidly, some members of crypto community have forgotten the preceding Bitcoin Cash hard fork that took place on November 15. Now, those enthusiasts that had Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are now facing the choice – to keep their assets in BCH or to go with BSV. Some decide to opt for one or another and there are some who prefer splitting their assets and holding both currencies. There are some options here. You can send unified coins to an exchange that has promised to split the tokens for its customers or, if you use Electron Cash wallet – they allow users to split the tokens and add them to a separate address or multiple addresses independently. Further, because the software serves as a noncustodial wallet, the user remains in charge of their private keys and funds at all times, which is a nice touch for every crypto-holder. What do you guys think? Do you have any BCH? What are you going to do with it? Share your opinion with us, leave a comment below. Yours, Trodax Team.
  13. Hi guys! Trodax Team wants to make a present for you and, since Black Friday is coming - here is our exclusive offer! 2 weeks of Silver tariff to everyone! How to get it? If you have an account on Trodax.com - 2 weeks of Silver will be added automatically to your account. If you are not registered yet, create your free account with 2 weeks of Silver tariff from November 23, 00:00 till November 25, 23:59 GMT. Make sure to seize the moment and launch your trading bots! Best regards, Trodax Team.
  14. Today we would like to share with you some interesting thoughts from Morgan Greek founder, Anthony Pompliano. In its largest analyses where he especially highlighted that Bitcoin price went down 15% in a day and currently sitting around $4,500 which is more than a 75% decline from the all-time high in December 2017, he also said: “Many crypto funds and ICO projects are about to race to shut down or declare bankruptcy”. There’s a tendency to see that as a stress-test situation that will clear the market from intruders that aren’t interested in crypto enough to understand how it works. This situation makes people wonder if Bitcoin is going down completely. And here’s another point of agreement we share with Morgan Greek founder, who said: “While price volatility can be emotionally painful, we continue to reiterate to our clients that Bitcoin is acting as we anticipated”. On August 24 of this year, with Bitcoin around $6,500, Anthony Pompliano wrote “we are likely to see Bitcoin near $3,000 before we see Bitcoin at $10,000 again. If this is true, that means we still have ~50% price decrease to go. Things may get really, really ugly if this happens.” The thing is we are looking at the market which is really volatile. Like, really volatile. So it’s take it or leave it. We recommend you take it. And here’s Anthony’s tweet we would like to share with you: History lesson: - People feared electricity - People feared first train - People feared first plane - People feared the internet - People feared hedge funds - People feared Bitcoin People fear what they don't understand. Don't get caught on the wrong side of history. Trade smart. Trade with Trodax.
  15. Hello, guys. How are you these days? Now, the price of bitcoin is below $5,300 which can be quite alarming. Who could have predicted it just a week ago? What are the prospects? There is so much uncertainty some traders feel really stressed and aren’t sure they can successfully trade in a market like this. There are things that one should remember when trading crypto. High volatility is what describes cryptocurrency market. It is in its nature to rise high and to fall low. What does it tell you? If you are balanced enough and have your emotions under control you accept that this is just a part of the game. High volatility. High gains. Big losses. The main issue here is that it’s not easy to keep calm when everything around you seems to fall apart. Are your investments in danger? Have you lost your mind investing and trading in such horrible conditions? Will bitcoin disappear with all your capital you invested in it? These worrying thoughts are a common place for experienced traders. Don’t let them dwell on you. Nothing is forever as they say and the night’s darkest hour is right before the dawn. Keep analyzing things and work with what you have. Find the right approach and stick to your game plan. Control your emotions. Trade smart.
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