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Ostatnio na profilu byli

Blok z ostatnio odwiedzającymi jest wyłączony i nie jest wyświetlany innym użytkownikom.

  1. No need to write in Russian or English, but we will respond in English to avoid an incomprehensible translation into your native language As for the location of the founders of the project - yes, we are from St. Petersburg, but we work in developed countries, mainly with an emphasis on English, because of its greatest distribution in the world. In the future, of course, we will translate the site into other languages, so that users can more conveniently use our service. The public offer contract and the privacy policy are at the bottom of the site and are available before registration. Confidentiality Policy: https://leogram.com/en/privacy Public Offer Contract: https://leogram.com/en/terms
  2. We regularly check this topic for users' questions, our policy is as open as possible, so any discussions are possible not only by mail, but also here.
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