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  1. crazy

    Konkurs -

    Dzien dobry, Procza, dla mnie piwo i wodka! Dziękuję. Alain
  2. crazy

    Crazy comes back

    Great! @ Tomek --> I read your PW and I confirm we come to Krakow on August 10th. Flight reserved and paid. I hope we have to meet and drink some beers... Ah ah ah ah ah... Alain PS : We have one month to prepare the trip (travel/tour)... My girlfriend find an Hotel --> Atlantis **** - center of Krakow town. But if there is a groundcamp with mobilhome or another inn out of city at a nice place...
  3. crazy

    Crazy comes back

    Outch ! Arrival Krakow on Sunday, 10th - 12:15! The show must go on... We have now to plan something! I am Crazy! Alain
  4. crazy

    Crazy comes back

    Helo Jimmi, Yes talk Tomek about me. I did'nt remember where Tomek Lives and hestitate with Krakow or Warsow... I am glad to have some friends in Poland. I am sure we (me and my girlfriend) will come in Poland (Warsow or Krakow) in august. Alain
  5. crazy

    Crazy comes back

    So, I explain... I hope to meet Tomek (Zero3) and/or Kill Bill and/or other... I need some help at the start of the tour. And perhaps spend some time with you. I Plan to find a Campground or one ore more B&B (I don't know how is the life in Polland). But as I do not speak (and read) Polish, I think I will have some PB to find easily without some help. Alain PS : Speaking English is not a problem. Polish is a real one! (too difficult for me) PPS : I think perhaps I avoid to come with my car and take a plane to Varsow. Is there some car rental at the airport (I have not search the web at this time)? PPPS : Look at this --> (domain name moved)
  6. crazy

    Crazy comes back

    Witam, I expect to come in Poland in august ! As you know, I do not speak Polish. So, if one of two members of this forum have some time to spend with me and my girlfriend it woud be a great thing. I do not know where to go (a beautiful place, if possible). This is an adventure... I will come with my car crossing Switzerland and Germany. Al PS : ręceprecz odtybetu
  7. crazy

    I need some help...

    Hello ! I take part in the "isulong seoph" contest on (Philippina) I need some help. If Tomek and some other friends make some mass linking to my contest page, I think I am able to win this Contest! the link I only need is: <a target="_blank" href="">isulong seoph</a> It will be very cool if you want to help me... Until september 30th, 2006 - 08:00 PM (Philippina hour) Remember... I was the first french at end of the "msnbetter thangoogle" contest, last year... Thank you with anticipation, Best regards... Alain AKA Crazy Geetings fom France to all... Tomek ? Do you can help me for the contest (see before) ? Alain AKA Crazy edit - °K°
  8. crazy

    tiger l'osmose

    I do not understand... But... I linked your contest page on and where I wrote about "msnbetter thengoogle" (in Polish) ! Hummmm !!! Alain
  9. crazy

    tiger l'osmose

    Witaj ! Many thanks to Zero3 who speaks of "Tiger l'Osmose", French SEO Contest 2006. If some of you think to be part in the contest, you are wellcome ! Do not hesitate and subscribe (in French language). If you are in trouble with subscription, just send me an eMail (in English, not in Polish, please) at and I will pleased to fill all forms for you (after I have verified your contest page is valid). Alain
  10. crazy

    Foto Rozdanie nagród 2005

    Witaj ! Hello ! Beautiful pictures... See you soon for next SEO Contest... Best regards, Alain
  11. crazy

    Oficjalne wyniki - dyskusja

    Witam, Thank you for this contest ! It was very hard for me and the Frenchies... Le t me know if you launch another one, one of these days. Gratulacje, Regards... Alain
  12. crazy

    Full Results

    Witam Piotrek, Thank you very much ! Alain
  13. crazy

    Full Results

    Hello ! You gave us the top ten of "msnbetter thangoogle" SEO contest. It's fine... But where can we find the top hundred ?
  14. crazy


    You said Chocoku ? Yes... But do not think Chocoku... Do it !
  15. crazy

    Formularz zgłoszenia

    @crazy: now we wait for you in Warsaw 7-8.10.2005 87345[/snapback] OOPS... This would be a very good idea... But I think it will not be possible for many reasons... The first is I do not speak Polish ! But, even I do not come to your party, you can send me the invitation this believe to me a reminder of this very interresting SEOPL contest ! I am really please to take part in. Alain