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OnlineRxMaster is the leading online pharmacy affiliate program!


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Dear affiliates!

Let us introduce our affiliate program in pharmacy!
Who are we?
We are an online program which promotes health and beauty products online with the help of our affiliates. So if you are keen in online marketing or having your own pharmacy related website or blog, join us! Your traffic can be easily monetized!
How do we pay you?
We provide Revenue Share commission track model (CPS). It means that you will get up to 40% of each sale which came from your traffic! We pay your earnings fast and steady each week via all popular digital wallets.
Why do our affiliates recommend us?
• Finest quality of health and beauty products at competitive prices
• High-converting multilingual and multicurrency sites with mobile-friendly designs
• Promotional tools (banners, landing pages, site’s templates) are at your disposal
• Average sale amount of 250$ per order
• No customers chargebacks and refunds applied
• 365-day cookie tracking ensures returning customers
• Friendly and helpful support 24/7
You can earn with us, if:
• You have pharmacy or beauty related website. For instance, it can be your blog, price comparison or review website.
• You are knowledgeable about online promotion, keen in SEO or traffic arbitrage.
• You can work with us by referral rate. We pay 10% of your each referral earnings for lifetime.
We are here to help you to earn and to inspire you! Everything you need to meet your success is to sign up at our program!

If you have any questions about our program or any other issue, feel free to contact us:
Skype: live:annarxp
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  • 2 miesiące temu...

Would you like to get rid of the manual work? Interested in creating a multilingual online shop in under 10 minutes? Then try our new language wizard.


Follow these easy steps to get started:
•Login to your OnlineRxMaster account.
•Choose “Create New” button at the Tools menu tab.
•Choose the languages in the bottom of the Setup & Design page.

What benefits will you get:
•Language is automatically defined by user's browser;
•10 languages available;
•You can still edit content and links for specific language version.

Now available: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish & Dutch.

If you'd got any questions regarding our new language wizard or website builder in general, feel free to answer this email or reach us using the contacts below.
Skype: live:annarxp





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  • 5 miesięcy temu...

Today we are extremely excited to share great news with you: CBD and Hemp products are now available for promotion to affiliates in our network!
What is CBD?
    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical found in cannabis. The first thing to know about CBD products is that they are not psychoactive and do not get people high. Therefore, they are not considered as a drug, despite the common misconception.

    Also, CBD and Hemp products have been clinically proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-pain and antipsychotic properties. They help people with severe chronic physical pain. Moreover, reportedly CBD products help relax and fight insomnia.


    Why is it so popular?

    As cannabis becomes more and more trendy across the globe, scientists look into the potential of this herb. First of all, CBD is a powerful medicine that effectively treats severe conditions, both physical (pain, inflammation) and emotional (anxiety, depression). Secondly, unlike raw cannabis, which contains psychoactive THC, CBD products do not have any impact on consciousness and reality perception. And finally, it is 100% natural and has no toxic side-effects which synthetic medication produces on the body.







Join now!

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